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About Us


AMPED tv Network is your source to fresh new music and films from around the world. Our channel highlights independent artists,entertainers and filmmakers,  helping to give them a  platform to display their work and amplify there voice on a worldwide stage for you to experience. Whether you want to check out new bands or just learn guitar, watch great movies or learn how to light a set, AMPED tv its the place to go to Listen, Learn, Laugh or just lounge and watch great content in your home.

The Team

People Of AMPED tv Network

Osman Karriem 

Author, sculpture,illustrator,singer/songwriter, actor and film director, Also the founder, and creator of the aluminum foil Sculpturing style he calls Aluminations. His acclaimed work has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, ESPN2, CN8, and (The Home and 
Family Network.)

Bea Montgomery

Legendary Bea Montgomery artist management/ Tv/Radio Personality! And artist promoter. Bea is a TV producer and has run her show The Mothership Connection / Spectrum Television / Funk Dat Records, that has given a platform to thousands ofIndependent Artist.

Psyche of Sound

Writer,Producer, Artist, Entertainer. Psyche of Sound in a Visionary the can bring any idea from concept to creation. With over 20 year of Professional graphics experience. Psyche has Worked on 15 major tv and Film Productions since 2018, not Including his own personal projects.)

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